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2019 C_NCENTRATE Reader Feedback Results

Galen Crout @galen_crout

C_NCENTRATE, HERE/FORTH’s newsletter, hit a milestone recently (500 Issues) so we felt we’d ask the +20,000 subscribers to let us have it in order to improve. Moving forward we’re going to move our focus back on the more emerging side of things; territories, technologies, tools and ideas. See below for the shuffle of priorities based on your feedback

Overall we’re serving readers well with 54.8% of respondents awarding C_NCENTRATE an A* (32 = B and 12.9 = C). 38.7% believe that C_NCENTRATE is getting better while 51.6% believe the quality hasn’t changed. If C_NCENTRATE was a paid-for platform (don’t worry, we’re not changing) people would pay $2-8 per month.

Moving forward, readers want us to focus more on topics like strategy and big-picture analysis which, considering the upheaval going on in various isn’t too surprising. Aside from tidying up the design a bit, here is the list of what we’ll be focusing more/less on:


Strategy, AI, big-picture analysis, startups, emerging technologies, emerging markets, new tools, events, consumer insights


Social Media, video, advertising, mobile, big data, campaigns

Other changes/POI:
- You’d like us to do interviews/video - we’ll have a think about these.
- China is an increasing focus - noted, we’ll source more relevant content about that fascinating area.
- Thought of the week - we’ll test this out
- More meet-up events - this will be tough with a planned geography change (LA as of Jan, but we’ll see what we can do for the Brits!).
- You’re interested in how to reach Gen Z - noted, we’ll grab some insight in this area
- Loyalty - noted - more on retention as well as acquisition

Oh, and we’ll work on Pocket integration asap, Mailchimp doesn’t have it yet. ;)

NOTE: Final sample size n=7,253, optional incentive used.

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C_NCENTRATE 2015 Survey Results


Thanks to the +150 subscribers who filled out the questionnaire about C_NCENTRATE - your help has helped make the newsletter be even better for 2016.  Overall it appears we're doing a good job of giving you what you "need" and "the good stuff" enabling you to get ready for the week ahead.  This is of course great news but we're not ones to stand still so there are a couple of changes happening based on interesting nuggets gleamed from what you told us;

_   You really like the READ section.  +75% said they'd cry if we took it we won't!  We're also going to add another link each week, add more images and will order the section by reading time.

_  Strategy, strategy, strategy.  +50% of you need more strategy in your lives so we'll make sure to give you more of that in 2016.

_   You like more of the big picture.  75% of those that responded want to see more of this so that's what you'll get.  In the same vein there will be a slight decrease in the following areas; advertising, free time and social media

_   You'd like a meet-up.  Without prompting, 33% of you want to meet more C_NCENTRATE-RS, we'll be looking into this in early 2016 - watch this space.  

_   You'd like to ask us questions.  25% would like to see a question answered each week.  We'll think of the best way to do this and trail it.

_   You miss 'This week saw..." section.  This is coming back but in a different this space.

General updates:  We're going to be offering a little less on video, advertising and the workplace help.  We're also going to say 'goodbye' to the C_NCENTRATE+5 blog posts on the web - whilst decently clicked on we're going to be focusing on the HERE/FORTH Flipboard magazine so subscribe over there for more links.






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2015 MCL - The Year In C_NCENTRATE


With more than 15,000 subscribers, the C_NCENTRATE newsletter is now read regularly in all four corners of the globe and continues to grow steadily.  We took a look back at what got subscribers clicking and have created a Top 10 Most Clicked Links of C_NCENTRATE 2015. 
Interesting points: content marketing does not feature in the 2015 list (despite being strongly represented in the 2014 Top 10 Links list), there has been a 200% increase of productivity and strategic advice links in this year's Top 10 compared to 2014 (likely based on the subscriber feedback from 2013).  Roughly the same amount of video made the Top 10 with Uber's Uber Rush intro video being the first of its kind to make the list.

1)  What your 2016 Video Strategy Should Look Like [#50]
2)  How To Plan Any Presentation [Video] [#25]
3)  How To Work 40 Hours A Week Sending These Two Emails [#28]
4)  The 30-Second Habit That Has A Lifelong Impact [#43]
5)  Introducing Uber Rush [Video] [#42]
6)  What Google Really Knows About You [#40]
7)  Why Startups Succeed [#30]
8)  Why Scientists Are Upset With The Facebook Bubble Filter Experiment [#19] 
9)  How To Write An Email That Convinces Anyone To Meet With You [#29]
10) Infrastructure For Modern Brands [#36]

(NOTE: Numbers were adjusted for size of list at the time of sending)

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Meerkat and Periscope may have a sting in their tail [Guardian]

Paul Armstrong (HERE/FORTH Founder) penned this for the Guardian after reading a slew of press about the benefits of the new live-streaming video tools.  Wielded poorly, these new shiny platforms could cause brands real problems whilst possibly altering the way people expect to consume media.  [FULL ARTICLE]

Instead viewers got what I term as “G-nough”, created from the Google News effect: people get enough of an experience to gain value but not in the optimal way to maximise revenue for most parties.
— Paul Armstrong

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C_NCENTRATE 2014 Link Review

Here are the top 14 links from C_NCENTRATE in 2014 - interestingly, work links received double the clicks of life/home links - despite being given the same prominence:

1) Enjoy 2015 because 2016 is going to be awful. (#49)
2) We've read all the trend reports so you don't have to. (#50)
3) Google admits 50% of digital ads aren't ever seen. (#49)
4) Everyone should read this at least twice. (#48)
5) Facebook anti-clickbait announcement. (#38) 
6) 5 things you do that aren't productive (but you think are). (#34)
7) Amazon Echo release video. (#45)
8) The YouTube Creator Playbook for Brands. (#12) 
9) Guide to the Done List. (#14)
10) How to properly end your day. (#16)
11) 15 tricks to appear smart in emails. (#44)
12) Behaviour change strategy cards. (#07)
13) Facebook Paper intro video. (#05)
14) Leaked New York Times Innovation Report. (#21)