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C_NCENTRATE +5 - 01/02

5 links that aren't in the C_NCENTRATE newsletter.  Please share them with your colleagues and friends.

[1]  It's time you met more people during your lunch break.  [5m]
[2]  Google Now is about to get a lot more useful. [6m]
[3]  Elite Daily has sold to the Daily Mail for $50million. [4m]
[4]  'Vine Kids' is exactly what it sounds like.  What's the strategy? [5m]
[5]  Amazon's 'Echo' is doubling down on music. [3m]

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C_NCENTRATE 2014 Link Review

Here are the top 14 links from C_NCENTRATE in 2014 - interestingly, work links received double the clicks of life/home links - despite being given the same prominence:

1) Enjoy 2015 because 2016 is going to be awful. (#49)
2) We've read all the trend reports so you don't have to. (#50)
3) Google admits 50% of digital ads aren't ever seen. (#49)
4) Everyone should read this at least twice. (#48)
5) Facebook anti-clickbait announcement. (#38) 
6) 5 things you do that aren't productive (but you think are). (#34)
7) Amazon Echo release video. (#45)
8) The YouTube Creator Playbook for Brands. (#12) 
9) Guide to the Done List. (#14)
10) How to properly end your day. (#16)
11) 15 tricks to appear smart in emails. (#44)
12) Behaviour change strategy cards. (#07)
13) Facebook Paper intro video. (#05)
14) Leaked New York Times Innovation Report. (#21)