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TNN (The New Normal) Update

TNN has had an amazing first quarter. The info-feed Slack Community (see video below) continues to grow and 'Speak-Ups' from Wired's Rowland Manthorpe, what3word's Giles Rhys Jones and EVRYTHNG's Andy Hobsbawm have also helped add to the community through offline events. We presented a slide yesterday to the crowd which really shows the variety of people TNN is bringing together; from VC's, big brands, agencies of all sizes and shapes to entrepreneurs, TNN is connecting smart people. We hope you'll join us on Jan the 16th to see Twitter VP, Bruce Daisley, 'Speak-Up' on the subject of the Future of...Work. Don't worry

We'd like to thank TNN's amazing sponsors and recommend you use them in 2018;, Knomo, Sliced Bread Animation, Natalka Design, Firebox and Sandler Training.  


How people ACTUALLY use their iPhone

Interesting data that shows how people are actually using their mobile devices.  Gaming still the top activity that keeps people's attention, which explains a lot of brands attempting to get into the gaming arena with either re-branded versions of existing games (e.g. Minion Run based on the popular Temple Run), simple ad-buys within popular games or simpler branded games based on popular games like noughts and crosses or bingo. 

Gaming is an area that has a series of nuances that mobile really plays well into - from a psychology and context perspective it's the perfect storm; frustration, immediate fixes and the ability to access a wallet.  Probably why it's expected to rake in $9bn in 2016 (per Juniper).  That's not small money... But it's important to realise it's not the only reason people use their mobile device...Facebook and other apps still take up a hefty percentage of time - utility will never go out of fashion so be clear on your value propositions from the start.