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[5]  Microdonations never looked so good. [3m]

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Will Micropayments make a difference for Twitter?


HERE/FORTH Founder, Paul Armstrong, was asked by Giga Om to pen an essay about the potential for Twitter's rumoured "Buy Now" button.  With Q2 results out soon a lot of eyes will be on Twitter to improve its weak performance in previous quarters.  

It will be interesting to see new strategies emerge for free content and locked-down content — the rise of new models and existing opportunities but in a new way (pay with a Tweet for example) all take on a new dimension when there is a built-in and understood singular system (read: iTunes). If I worked for a media house, I would be looking at this roll-out carefully, but determining my strategy now. It could be time to rethink “the penny gap.”
— Paul Armstrong

Read the full article here.