C_NCENTRATE +5 - 26/04

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[1]  Why innovation is sometimes small even with big changes (and intentions). [6m]
[2]  Hairware; the new software? [4m]
[3]  Google didn't kill Google Glass, it's just making it sexier. [7m]
[4]  The secret psychology of Snapchat may surprise you. [4m]
[5]  Need focus in your day?  These 18 minutes are critical. [6m]

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POV, Insight

Is Facebook too big to fail?

HERE/FORTH Founder, Paul Armstrong, was asked by the Guardian to discuss his thoughts about Facebook's current path and his time at Myspace. 

My concern for Facebook is that if it stays on its current “push them gently and see how far we can go” path we will get to a place where we (its users) lose more than we gain. I suspect it will take reaching this precipice before the question can be answered whether Facebook is too big to fail.
— Paul Armstrong