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C_NCENTRATE +5 - 24/08

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_  A day in the life, imagined 50 years from now [MUST READ]

_  Twitter is working with the same people that power 15 Minute Executive

_  This plug-in labels Native Advertising.

_  How long before you "give it a shot"?

_  Content audits just got a lot simpler...sort of.


3 very good reasons why you should tread carefully with native advertising.

Some interesting tweets from the #GDNCMS Conference by the Guardian appeared this morning and there was heated debate about algorithms being better than young planners, innovation and native advertising was unsurprisingly a big part of the day’s talks. Words like authentic, hoodwinking, value and engagement were banded about and there are clearly those that are ready to merge these worlds and others that are clearly opposed to it.