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UK startup The News Hub raises cash, and questions [Digiday]

HERE/FORTH CEO and @themediaisdying Founder, Paul Armstrong, was asked by Digiday for his thoughts on The News Hub - an emerging startup that wants to pay writers for good content in similar fashion to BubbleWS and TSU.

‘The problem that many platforms of this ilk suffer from is a lack of focus and planning with regards to the network effect required for immediate and continued success,’ he said.

’Both [Tsu and The News Hub] are interesting properties and have a fair chance of seeing success with niche audiences but ultimately the model is risky, untested and will require a lot from both [investors and users] in order for favorable outcomes in the short or long term,’ he added.
— Paul Armstrong


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Is Snapchat about to launch news and ads?

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 10.40.50.png

It certainly seems like it.  HERE/FORTH Founder, Paul Armstrong was asked about what this means for the service and why they are moving in this direction by MarketingWeek.

The news element is the interesting part as this is what could give the next wave of users - older users - a reason to use it beyond simple messaging. The simple user-interface offers a different experience to other media outlets out there, Mixed with something like Wibbitz, which offers video summaries created from text posts, I could see this becoming popular quickly.
— Paul Armstrong