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C_NCENTRATE 2014 Link Review

Here are the top 14 links from C_NCENTRATE in 2014 - interestingly, work links received double the clicks of life/home links - despite being given the same prominence:

1) Enjoy 2015 because 2016 is going to be awful. (#49)
2) We've read all the trend reports so you don't have to. (#50)
3) Google admits 50% of digital ads aren't ever seen. (#49)
4) Everyone should read this at least twice. (#48)
5) Facebook anti-clickbait announcement. (#38) 
6) 5 things you do that aren't productive (but you think are). (#34)
7) Amazon Echo release video. (#45)
8) The YouTube Creator Playbook for Brands. (#12) 
9) Guide to the Done List. (#14)
10) How to properly end your day. (#16)
11) 15 tricks to appear smart in emails. (#44)
12) Behaviour change strategy cards. (#07)
13) Facebook Paper intro video. (#05)
14) Leaked New York Times Innovation Report. (#21)


The top 10 most clicked links from the C_NCENTRATE newsletter (sign up) between January 1 and June 1 are listed below - always interesting to see what subscribers click on.  

  1. The busy person's guide to the Done List.  
  2. The Beginner's Guide to Growth Hacking
  3. Big Data is changing the future of insight, here's how.
  4. The Social Media industry is broken - and it's all our fault.
  5. Life is a game.  This is your strategy guide.
  6. Digital Life is 2025.
  7. How people really hold and touch their devices.
  8. How to end your day.
  9. The many faces of Influence.
  10. Social Login Trends Report for Q1.

The list suggests a clear focus on productivity - perhaps unsurprisingly since it was the first half of the year when people evaluate and strive to alter behaviours and ways of working for the coming year.  Look out for further round ups and research from the C_NCENTRATE community soon.