C_NCENTRATE +5 - 19/07

5 links that aren't in the C_NCENTRATE newsletter.  Please share them with your colleagues and friends.  

[1]  Is this the next big disruptor for online shopping?  [4m]
[2]  YouTube numbers are going up, up and...away? [4m]
[3]  News Corp has bought interesting purchase. [5m]
[4]  Facebook Stores...will this time be any different?  It just might be. [4m]
[5]  This might just be the best ad you'll see this year. [3m]

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C_NCENTRATE +5 - 08/03

5 links that aren't in the C_NCENTRATE newsletter.  Please share them with your colleagues and friends.

[1]  Think gaming content is niche?  Think again. [4m]
[2]  Is EDM the way to emote with your audience? [4m]
[3]  How will censorship work with mobile apps? [4m]
[4]  NOVEMBER : You need to go to this conference. [1m]
[5]  "Why accountability is f*cked in corporates." [3m]

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3 Video Series You Should Be Taking Notes From

HERE/FORTH CEO, Paul Armstrong, previously wrote a post about great content series that brands should be learning things from - here are three new ones that have been catching our eye and setting our brain boxes on fire.  The common theme?  Helping your customers know more and be better.  

1)  Vox Videos - A great range of topics, clearly explaining - with data - important issues of the day.  Not only do they inform, engage and incite comments but they add to the story.  

BRAND TAKEAWAY : Videos don't need to dumb down content - curate information and help foster debate amongst your viewers.

2) The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows - Part of the YouTube incubator, TestTube, TDOOS is a highly unique and engaging content series that explores the (made-up) word for things that have no words.  

BRAND TAKEAWAY : A great idea, ruthlessly executed can be enough to grow a rabid user-base.

3) Life Noggin : A great series of Q&A videos in a simplistic style that challenge the user to reconsider preconceptions and generally start asking more questions.

BRAND TAKEAWAY : Content doesn't have to be about you to make a dent and keep people coming back.  A start and an end plate - or even integration - wouldn't hurt these videos.  


5 examples of video series that don't feature brands but should.

Video content is hard to do and even harder to do well.  Here are five examples (ok, four but we couldn't leave out 'Comedians Getting Coffee') we think deserve your time and adulation.  Some include product placement, most are on YouTube and others are simply great ideas that are well executed.  

1) Thug Notes

- An interesting take on Cliff Notes - a popular student study guide company - Thug Notes takes the old and makes it new.  High quality production, content and clever idea.  [YouTube]

2) Honest Trailers

- Simple idea, incredibly passionately executed - what trailers should say, not the Hollywood version.  Whilst the ability to integrate and place products is somewhat limited, the content and passion behind Honest Trailers (and the demand from the community it has created) is undeniable.  Possibly Copyright issues.  [YouTube]

3) My Drunk Kitchen

- Let's be honest, we don't always cook as sober as we should.  At least that's the idea behind Hannah Hart's "My Drunk Kitchen".  Booze brands, food brands and appliance brands should be sending her goods to use on the show.  Hart already has a book deal.  [YouTube]

4) Coffee with Comedians

- The premise is simple, coffee with Jerry Seinfeld and another comedian... in a vintage car... with product placement from Acura.  It's simple, funny and the placement feels natural.  Great editing and recurring theme makes this great viewing.  [Sparkle]

5) MinutePhysics

- Whiteboard videos are incredibly popular right now.  From RSA to TED Talks, they're fast becoming the defacto video for conferences etc.  One outlet that has consistently created useful and high quality videos is "Minute Physics" - a Physics idea explained in a minute.  Simple, effective and (with the topics carefully curated/picked) shareable. [YouTube]

Themes/ideas that might work for your brand:

- Find an idea that people agree with (or it's hard to disagree with)

- Post regularly and passionately 

- Funny works (but so does simple and honest)

- Short does not always equal views (four out of the five are +3 minutes long)