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Amazon is unlike any other company on the planet. The way it moves, its breadth and its market-moving ability make it the cause of sleepless nights around the world.

WDADTW (‘What Did Amazon Do This Week?’) is your one-stop-shop to find out how the behemoth is impacting your world through a set of curated links, analysis, commentary, interviews, original reporting and recommendations. Whether you are CEO, Brand Manager or just starting out in your career for less than the price of of a cup of coffee a day it has never been easier to keep up to date with every move Amazon makes.

Here’s an example of what you get each week.

Whatever industry you are in, WDADTW covers you because it focuses on all facets of Amazon and Amazon-owned brands including:
- Retail (.com, Prime, Whole Foods…)
- Technology (Alexa, Fire TV, AWS, Ring, Kindle…)
- Content (Prime, Video, Music, Audible…)
- Advertising (Stores, Sponsored Products…)
- Miscellaneous (Freight, Air, Pharma, Space…)

WDADTW gives you analysis, context, recommendations and further information to help you make better decisions and create a better strategy.

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FACT: 33% of subscribers work at Amazon or Amazon-owned businesses. [July 15, 2019]

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Paul Armstrong, Founder of HERE/FORTH has, in-between working in-house and at large agencies, been writing about technology and big business for +15 years. Regularly contributing and writing for likes of Forbes, Reuters, Guardian (amongst others) and author of ‘Disruptive Technologies’, Paul interviews CEO’s and executives regularly along with cultivating a network of executives inside companies like Amazon. Feel free to contact Paul directly (or DM on Twitter/Instagram) with academic papers, research, your views, suggestions and anything else you’d like him to know.